Custom hand lettering by Rachel Snyder

Wednesday, November 5

Addressing Etiquette


When you submit your guest list to me, if there are questions that you have about etiquette, I will be glad to help you...I am going to list a few....there is more where these came from so don't worry.

  • No abbreviations; spell out states, streets, avenue, etc.
  • It is acceptable to use a "bullet" then the apartment number or you can spell out Apartment ## on another line.
  • Do not use "and Family" on the envelopes; Address the outer to

    Mr.and Mrs. John Somebody, Junior; Inner envelope gets the NAMES of only the people you wish to invite.

Married Couple-woman w/title; Outer: Dr. Jane Jen Somebody
Mr. John Jim Somebody
Inner Envelope: Doctor Somebody
Mr. Somebody

If both are Dr.'s: Outer: Doctor John Somebody
Doctor Jean Somebody
Inner: The Doctors Somebody

The Reverend ????; Brother ?????; The Right Reverend ??????; Sister??????;

The Honorable John and Mrs. Somebody;
US Senator: Senator Name and Mrs. Lastname


Children still living at home 18 and older should get their own invitation
(Some go with children 16 and older; this is a personal preference)

Children living at home (under 18) name's should go under the parents names on the inner envelope

If your reception is at the same location as the ceremony you don't have to have a reception card; it is acceptable to make reference on the invitation (i.e. Reception immediately following ceremony)

Now, I read that to mention attire is NOT used anymore....FALSE.
Some Bride's actually want people to know that this is a "Black Tie" affair
(Have you ever been getting ready for a wedding and I over dressed, am I too casual?) In talking with Bride's I have discovered that a lot of them want Guests to know NOT to wear sneakers or flip flops!

*This note is from me and it's free to everyone who reads it...Ha Ha! This is the Wedding Day of the Bride and Groom. The key words here are BRIDE and GROOM!!!

*Another freebie is for the BRIDE (and GROOM) if you are asking multiple people for $$, you can EXPECT to hear WHAT THEY WANT...there is a honest way around having to hear this. If you do not know what it is, email me and I will share it with you. If I post it then it won't be a secret anymore!!

Don't put a name on the back flap of the outer envelope, the address of who is giving the invitations OR where the gifts are to be sent.

On the reply envelope the address of the person who is taking care of the guest list....It doesn't have to match the back flap of the outer envelope.

Don't stuff your envelopes before they are completed by the calligrapher!

A little History about Invitations

Once upon a time, (just a little humor there) when a daughter was to be married, her mother would get out their finest stationary to handwrite the invitations. Since "way back when" the mail was hand delivered to Guests'. To ensure that Guests' invitations arrived with the beauty and elegance that was intended, the Wedding Invitation would be be inserted into the inner envelope. By having the outer envelope addressed and handled with dirty hands and sometimes not being protected from the weather, the inner envelope had to be perfect with each Guests name written in the most elegant way.

To this Day, Wedding Invitations are a VERY important part of your Wedding. The families wanted the invitations to reach the Guests' with class and style showing the importance of their daughter's wedding.

Today, many Brides keep it "Traditional" which is fine. Many Brides do not keep it "traditional" which is also fine. Now just about any thing goes, we have so much to choose from, so many options that if a Bride can come up with it....She can do it. The fact remains that your Wedding Invitations are ABSOLUTELY a HUGE part of your wedding. They will show your personality, excitement, class, and you will be giving everyone a "one of a kind" piece of art as a keepsake. With handwritten calligraphy, no two are exactly the same. Calligraphy is authentic, beautiful, and something that every Bride-to-Be should have done.

Remember.... Your invitation will be giving Guests their first "look see" into your SPECIAL DAY!!!!

Don't let the addressing of your invitations be an after thought, if you are able to swing it in your budget, GO FOR IT!! Your Guests will absolutely love it and you will not regret having your invitations hand addressed with beautiful handwritten calligraphy. By adding an "elegant touch" from the beginning will captivate your guests'. Making your Wedding stand out.
Don't hold back, let everyone see your personality and style in every invitation.