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Friday, April 17

Jennifer Colina Photography

OK, Little White Book is one my favorite blogs that I follow. There are a lot of things in a lot of blogs that I absolutely love. While I was reading the "Little White Book" news...these pics caught my eye. I clicked, read and now blogging about the blog....then going to add another favorite.

The photographer that took the pictures of Courtney and her husband did such an excellent job that I sent an email letting them know that when you look at the photographs you can almost feel the love! I absolutely think they all are beautiful!

If you get a chance to take a look "c" you can click on the Little White Book above or go straight to Jennifer Colina Photography's site and/or blog.

This is just one of the boards that I got from Little White Book's blog; Photographer is Jennifer Colina.

I hope that you all take a minute to check them out....I like pretty stuff :-)