Custom hand lettering by Rachel Snyder

Sunday, January 10

Light Ink For Dark Paper

A common question that I get is about finding ink to address wedding invitations that have black, dark or opaque envelopes. Though 99% of my calligraphy is by 'pen in ink' method, I came across these cool little gel pens that are fun to have and they work well for addressing dark envelopes, dark place cards or other projects where you want to use light color inks.

The Sakura Gelly Roll Pen, a pigmented, water proof ink that doesn't fade quickly from light. The Gelly Roll comes in different colors or if you want raised ink, you can try the Sakura Glaze.

Being completely obsessed with pens, paper, and inks; I tried the Sakutra Gelly Roll pen on a lot of different paper to see how it looked and of course how it wrote. Everything wrote smooth. No clogging, skipping, running or bleeding and it looked good when I was finished.

The ink is a pigmented, water based and has an archival quality. It won't fade away quickly when it's in light.

Let me know how it works for you too!