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Thursday, November 12

DIY...Something Fun To Try

Something Fun To Try.....

Get out a pen and paper and pick someone special; a friend, brother, sister, mom, dad, co-worker, or someone you would like to send a THANK YOU.
Write it
Send it

Give it a whirl and make a difference to that person. They will definitely know you had THEM in mind when they receive your note. There is a good chance that you will make their day.

With all the technology and Rush today it will be a nice gesture when they get your note that reflects the real YOU.

You will be adding your style and personality by the Paper you choose....from the color to the texture.

A handwritten note is personal in so many ways

I would love to know how it goes

calligrapher, Rachel Snyder
Elegant Touch Invitations

Sunday, September 27

Country Ambiance

I love this votive candle wrap idea from Martha Stewart. Wrapped with Cornhusks definitely brings a country look and feel to the table. Small keepsakes for your guests, what a neat idea.

NEW Blog

Be sure and visit my NEW Blog, Country Brides. Thoughts and Ideas for a Country Bride's country wedding!

Country Brides Blog by Chic 'N Scratch Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder

Tuesday, July 14

....More Than Just Looking Nice; It Is An Art

Calligraphy is about more than just looking nice, it is an art. When it comes to Invitations thoughts vary: "the importance of an invitation" (
Some think that they are a very significant part of their wedding and understand the tradition of today and yester-year, some DON'T think about the invitation or the importance until there is a rush and they are down to the wire and nerves are rattled while some actually KNOW EVERYTHING but think because the invitation is "small".... but yet a VERY important part of your wedding, that there is nothing to it.

Can you imagine inviting 350-500 Guests without sending an(y) invitation??? Only a handful of Guests' are there only because they heard someone else say that there was going to be a wedding, Like back in the day when they announced it in the streets?

You wanted your wedding to be absolutely gorgeous with cream and white hues; silver and gold accents, roses, crystals, evening gowns, black tie, just everything you wanted and all of your friends and family were not there to share with you and your fiance' this wonderful day that you have been planning.

Your family and friends would be hurt you would be hurt. Your fiance' is hurt, his family and friends are hurt.

Calligraphy is an art that is more than just sitting down and quickly writing out words....each letter is it's own, a lot of concentration will go into the formation of each individual letter to make a unique, one of a kind, totally original work of art. From your Invitations, if your budget allows, throughout the entire Wedding and into the Reception.

Brides' that I have worked with on their wedding (hey, I hope all is well with you gals) they already knew what they wanted, how they wanted it and on top of that were an absolute blast to work with. The reaction is usually very similar....once she gets a look at the finished product she will call me and say they are beautiful! But AFTER the wedding I hear an excitement and appreciation (not for me but for the art) when I am told with an overjoyed voice about the how they felt because of how their guests' felt. A great feeling to be such a hit through something so beautiful and graceful, Calligraphy.

Calligraphy is an art form that speaks more than words but volumes about the Bride, about the Wedding, their Guests' and much more. An authenticity that can not be met from using a computer font. Oh yes they are pretty, neat, stylish....HOWEVER, computer fonts are NOT original like handwritten calligraphy with the imperfections that say everything you wanted your invitations to say and then some.

Calligraphy is a tasteful extra that is understood and appreciated by MOST Brides' (and mom's) who request it.

You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

Monday, June 29

Wedding At The Greenbrier, Follow Up

This is the follow up to The Greenbrier Wedding, what a venue! A day at The Greenbrier is awesome! Tara's wedding turned out Great!

The photographer was Rebecca Devono who did an EXCELLENT job.

This is a picture of the table set up with the cards that I did in Spencerian Script.

I hope you take a minute to see the gorgeous pictures of the wedding.

Tuesday, June 23

Organic, Gifts, B and B, farm, MY FAVORITE

Being the cotton freak that I am, I went to buy some sheets, curtains and look around and I left with all my stuff from Mary Janes Home collections. Made with organic the .org goes with the site name.

I looked up the site and have to say it is at the top of my list for favorite sites, being number 1. Depending on where your from and where/how you grew up it will take you back to your roots.

I like to call it "keeping it real" with all the tips, products, gifts and so much more that I could write about but by the time I finished you will have already clicked the link Mary Janes Farm to see for yourself.

I hope everybody goes to the site if you are not already familiar with it and check it out. Let me know what you think of it.

photo from

Tuesday, May 5

Spencerian Script

I had the opportunity again to spend a couple of days learning about Spencerian Script by, in my opinion one of the best...Pat Blair. She is the only person who has ever told me anything about "pointed pen." And if you don't know who she is I will keep you in suspense until you google her...
I totally enjoyed both days and I hope to do it again some time. :-)

Learning more about Spencerian Script which is my favorite style of writing, I guess I am captivated by it. I think it is a "dainty" style with just enough detail to make it the most elegant style of script there is. Not too much--Not too little...

Saturday, April 25



A while back I added Ponytail Pearls to my Blog, Facebook, and Website.


I LOVE THEM!!! I got pink Akoya pearls. They are 8 to 9 mm and absolutely GORGEOUS!

SHHH!!! But everybody (the women) in my family are all getting them for gifts for Christmas.

And of course my mom is getting hers on MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

She can have your pearls drilled and ready usually within 1-3 days, various sizes for thicker or thin hair, a variety of colors....They are awesome!!

Friday, April 17

Jennifer Colina Photography

OK, Little White Book is one my favorite blogs that I follow. There are a lot of things in a lot of blogs that I absolutely love. While I was reading the "Little White Book" news...these pics caught my eye. I clicked, read and now blogging about the blog....then going to add another favorite.

The photographer that took the pictures of Courtney and her husband did such an excellent job that I sent an email letting them know that when you look at the photographs you can almost feel the love! I absolutely think they all are beautiful!

If you get a chance to take a look "c" you can click on the Little White Book above or go straight to Jennifer Colina Photography's site and/or blog.

This is just one of the boards that I got from Little White Book's blog; Photographer is Jennifer Colina.

I hope that you all take a minute to check them out....I like pretty stuff :-)

Saturday, April 4

The Greenbrier Wedding

The Greenbrier in West Virginia, Defining Luxury since 1778

ONE of my favorite Brides to work with was Tara. I am going to show the invitations and place cards now and will post Tara's wedding pics later.
Tara, I wish you the best and hope you keep in touch :-)

These were written in Spencerian Script. A truly elegant font that was perfect for this wedding. An old script that suits a Greenbrier Wedding perfect.

Wedding Program Covers

Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder - Elegant Touch Invitations

One way to personalize your wedding is to have your program hand lettered

Lynchburg Bridal Expo

The Lynchburg Bridal Expo was awesome!!! Way to go Kim! And to all the Brides that I met....I just didn't have enough time to answer everyone's questions. For all the Brides that were at the Expo, you will get a discount on your addressing! I enjoyed meeting and talking with all of you. I had a blast and I hope you did too!

More Hand Lettering Styles

Tis the season for Weddings....choose your style, add your personality, and remember...."You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression"

More Writing Styles For Modern Brides

More hand lettering for modern brides to make a statement about their wedding! And a lot more to come, I thought I would post a few pictures that I haven't had time to upload to my site yet. If there is a certain font you would like to see in a particular color just drop me a line. This years colors are "BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL" Calligraphy will help add "an elegant touch" and create a "must attend" status to your wedding or other event.

Product Feature


MY CALLIGRAPHY WAS FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE OF VIRGINIA BRIDE MAGAZINE. Virginia Bride Magazine is a great place to find local area vendors to help you take care of your wedding needs. You can visit Virginia bride magazine online and find vendors galore!

Pony Tail Pearls


Deanna's ponytail pearls are one of the best things that has caught my eye! Deanna drills the pearls and does the whole "kit and kaboodle" she is an awesome gal with absolutely beautiful products. If you are looking for a way to dress up your hair.....You can do a lot with these. I hope everyone checks Deanna's site out.

Thursday, March 26

Understanding A Little About My Calligraphy

Understanding A Little About Calligraphy

I believe it is important that you understand just "a little" about handwritten calligraphy if you are even considering having it for your wedding.

You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression
Adding "an elegant touch" to various aspects of your wedding and helping you to create a "must attend" status, honoring all of your guests

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing......Knowing this you can choose which style you should go with for your wedding. You can choose from a casual to an elegant "pen in ink" of many different script or Italic fonts or you can choose a monoline style of writing, this is accomplished with a regular gel pen or just a pen,pencil, etc. really you can create beautiful writing in many different ways. The "Monoline" style writing is a more budget friendly style and is still very gorgeous.
Another way to add your calligraphy is to add your actual "pen in ink" style to certain areas of your wedding and then add "monoline" style writing style to the other areas of your wedding.

You will be pleased at the results whichever way you decide to have it done. I specialize in pointed pen and Italic script fonts, I will admit that pointed pen is my favorite, though I love ALL of my writing.

It is important, ESPECIALLY DURING THIS WEDDING SEASON, to contact me BEFORE the last minute. Know this, if your wedding is on the 3rd of ??? month there will be many, many more on the 3rd also.

When you call or email try to have a realistic idea in your mind, (i.e. not expecting 300 envelopes addressed in 1 day)
Calligraphy is very time consuming but well worth the time. Such a personal, beautiful piece of art with an authenticity that will always be. No 2 will ever be the same.

All of the prices that I base the estimates from are assuming that you have:
white/ecru or light color envelopes made of good quality paper, black ink, return address pre-printed on back flap and reply envelope, all lines are staggered ( or left justified)

If you want to have your back flap of the outer envelope addressed, not a problem. You must let me know ahead of time so I will be able to estimate the time that it will take. ***Try to always remember that it is best to contact me around the same time that you are contacting your caterers, photographers, DJ's,etc. I am very passionate about my work and I will not nor have I ever, replaced quality for speed. The appearance of all of your calligraphed items is VERY important to me :-) as I know it is to you.

**If you decide to have the back flap hand addressed, the turnaround time will be longer, so please provide this information as soon in advance as you can.

If you want a special font that I have not done before, please talk to me about it. In most cases I am able to look at letters and handwrite the letters with such beauty. When I do this it is important that I have enough time to be consistent in my writing. Though no 2 are alike, consistency is important. You will not regret incorporating calligraphy into your wedding.

The sooner you get your invitations, THE BETTER. I schedule clients on a first come basis 99% of the time. The sooner you have your material (i.e. cardstock, envelopes,place cards, table signs, etc.) the smoother everything goes. You will be glad that you did.

GOOD COMMUNICATION IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! I want Brides to feel comfortable asking any questions that will make your calligraphy experience a good experience.

I provide free priority shipping, free consultations, Free Samples, VIP discounts
working with each Bride individually to make sure that your Wedding is unique and just what you want it to be.

As far as "Local" clients; clients that are "far" away, I am willing to meet with you to go over my portfolio, prices, answer questions, etc. My goal is to help you make your wedding day dream come true. I will help you add style and personality to your wedding in anyway that I am able to.

True Local Brides are: Richmond Virginia Brides, Charlottesville Virginia, Roanoke, Salem, Blacksburg, Smith Mountain Lake, certain areas of NC, Maryland and DC Brides, and surrounding areas.

Check out my photo album and you can see photos on Flickr and yahoo 360; There are many other hand lettered fonts that have not been uploaded yet because of the busy wedding season. For example; Edwardian, Citadel, Shelley, Alexandra,Elegance,Liberate,Allyson, Nuptial, and more.

Sites: Smith Mountain Lake Weddings
Something Blue Bridal Consultants New York
Aztec Rental
Becky's Bridal in Buena Vista Virginia
Virginia Bride Magazine

Website: Elegant Touch Invitations and Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder

You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

Friday, February 27

Affordable "Wedding Calligraphy" Tips

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing.
You can add this beauty in many different ways, from simple to elaborate. Some may think of calligraphy as a major expense but it all depends on what you want and how you want it. A lot of calligraphy is achieved by dipping the pen in the ink creating beautiful lettering that is not your everyday writing style and is time consuming. You may also achieve class, style and elegance, by having a calligrapher add the "special touches" to various aspects of your Wedding by using gel pens, pencils, or just a regular ink pen.

There are many different ways to get the look and style that you want for your wedding. Letters can be drawn or colored to achieve the look and style you want, the beauty you deserve, and fit your budget. When you have a calligrapher sit down to address your invitations for example, you should know consistency is important, no 2 envelopes will be EXACTLY the same. This is why each one is a unique piece of art that will be sure to impress. If you are looking for every thing to be EXACTLY the same, handwritten calligraphy is probably not for you.written with "Black Gel Pen"

Whether you choose "pen in ink" calligraphy or an alternative way, you will have class and beauty to set the tone for your Wedding Day. Your guests will be impressed that you took the time to make everything personal. Some think that these things are small and unimportant, but just like you keeping a "scrapbook" of your wedding day that may have your invitation, a certificate, poem, verse, napkin, or other keepsakes. A lot of your guests will be flattered and honored that they have just received a beautifully hand addressed invitation that stood out from the rest of their "everyday" mail and will keep these unique treasures making your Wedding memorable. You may want to add handwritten calligraphy to other aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception, some things may seem "small" but in reality they are actually making a "BIG" statement. Not only setting a tone but showing off your personality.

*Tight budget?: Pick which areas you want calligraphy; You do not have to go ALL the way. Always try to be realistic.

If you are a B2B and your on a tight budget make it a point to learn about calligraphy options for your Wedding and/or Reception. These choices are all about you, the calligraphy style you are looking for, your personality, pricing, and a calligrapher that you feel comfortable with. Calligraphers have their own style of writing and you should talk to calligraphers' and find out who is right for you to work with. Try to have a realistic idea of what you want.
**Don't rule out calligraphy or simple hand addressing because you think you may not be able to afford it. It is available, calligraphers are talented and can help you achieve your dream, from pens to pencils.

Greenbrier Wedding (thanks Tara :-)

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. When considering calligraphy make sure you feel comfortable in communicating with your calligrapher and that you are clear on everything. If you are not clear, don't be bashful. Ask the questions. Calligraphers' are human and you want to be able to maintain open communication and feel comfortable in the process. When you are comfortable with having a calligrapher taking care of your calligraphy needs you will be less stressed than if you were doing it alone. Maintaining beautiful penmanship is time consuming. If your planning on calligraphy do not wait until the last minute to have your material. YOU can help your calligrapher to be able to help you in making your Wedding Dreams come true. Most calligraphers' want to help you make your wedding stand out.

You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression
Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder

My Blogs:

Yahoo 360

Website Blog

*See gallery to see "pen in ink" penmanship
*See gallery to see "regular ink pen" penmanship

Friday, January 30

On a Budget?....You Can Still Have a Calligraphy Wedding

Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder

Wanting to have a "calligraphy wedding".....

If you are on a lower budget you can still be able to have a "calligraphy wedding" if you budget carefully. There are many different ways to add calligraphy to your wedding day without spending a fortune.

You may not be able to go ALL THE WAY with calligraphy but you can add calligraphy to different aspects of your wedding and reception that will absolutely stand out and impress.

Start looking for a calligrapher EARLY and make sure that you talk to them about your calligraphy needs, your dates, and try to have a realistic idea of what you are wanting to have done to make your wedding day stand out. Remember, there ARE a lot of B2B's with the SAME wedding date. You don't want to wait until the last minute to learn that your dates are not available.

Decide early, though this may be a struggle, what aspects of your wedding would you like to add calligraphy to accomplish your "calligraphy wedding."

Invitation Addressing?
Keepsakes for your Guests....
Wedding Programs?
Accessorize your reception with place cards, table signs, seating chart, menus, etc?

The things that you would like to accent with calligraphy may seem small but they will make a BIG statement and they WILL make excellent keepsakes for Guests. Not to mention adding that "elegant touch" to your wedding that will make your wedding unique and personal.

Shop around for a calligrapher so you can make sure you get exactly what you want to make your special day what you want it to be.

***Money saving tip: If you are good with a scanner and a printer you may consider having certain things handwritten and you can print these things in bulk.
***Get samples, Get Prices, make sure that if you have get answers.
***Also, remember that calligraphers' are HUMAN and make mistakes. And it is very normal for you to have changes and additions. Make sure that the calligrapher you are talking to has time for "YOU" ....

Your end result should be a beautiful "calligraphy wedding"

You Don't Get A Second Chance to Make A First Impression

Saturday, January 24

Something Blue

Calligraphy for New York Brides, Favors, Shoes, Consulting, and much more
A must see....

Shop Something Blue and get your calligraphy services. Karina has a wonderful outgoing personality. A pleasure to work with


Regal Jewelers,Inc.

Virginia Brides- An excellent jeweler
*Fine Jewelry
**custom orders (absolutely beautiful)


1801 Rosser Avenue-Waynesboro, VA 22980

Ask for Jeremy
Tell him who told you about him

Friday, January 16

Ordering extra envelopes

When you order your invitations you usually are see the price for an additional 25 envelopes at the time of order. This price is usually considerably cheaper than if you wait and then have to re-order.

It is wise to order your extra envelopes at the same time you order your invitations.

Extra envelopes will be used for additions, changes, mistakes, and what you have left over can be used for correspondence and still have beautiful, tasteful envelopes and/or stationary. They won't be wasted and you will be glad in the end that you took the stationers advice and ordered the extra 25 envelopes.

***When addressing your envelopes you want to make sure that you leave 5/8" space from the bottom of envelope up to the bottom line of address. For post office use.

Thursday, January 15

Covering etiquette ; using a calligrapher

Elegant Touch Invitations
Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder

This particular entry is sort of a repeat with a twist; I want to let the B2B know that you can address your envelopes anyway that you choose, etiquette is courtesy, your invitations are to create a must attend status for YOUR GUESTS and your wedding invitation show guests what to expect, so give them something to remember, you want this to be on a personal level.

Things to remember when making your guest list to give to calligrapher

You DO NOT have to put and Family or children names on the outer envelope.
Just add the names of the people who are invited to the inner envelope.

Guests and Escorts:
Women usually bring an Escort
Men usually bring a Guest
so the inner envelope would read Miss Someone and Escort (or add the name of their guest)

***to put the actual word "and" is optional: for instance
with a married couple you would write Mr. and Mrs. Someone
on the inner envelope.

Married couple with different last names:
Ms. Jane Smith
Mr. John Somebody
Different lines are acceptable also to write the word "and" is optional.

On the inner envelope: The names can be on one line or two lines
**Just because the names are on 2 lines does not mean the couple isn't married

Woman is a Dr. and own surname:

Dr. (is acceptable) this is your choice
Dr. Jane Smith
Mr. John Smith ****again the word "and" is optional.

Married couple when male is a Doctor:

Dr.(Doctor) and Mrs. John Someone
Inside: Dr. and Mrs. Someone

Both couples are a DR.:

Dr. John Someone and Dr. Jane Someone
or The Doctors Someone
inside: The Doctors Someone

Married with hyphenated names:

Mr. and Mrs. John Someone-Somebody
inside: Mr. and Mrs. Someone-Somebody

***Divorced Woman:

OUTSIDE: Mrs. (or Ms.)
INSIDE: Mrs. (or Ms.)
What if Mrs. Someone is divorced and has a date
Do you want to put MRS. or MS. on the inner envelope along side her dates name?

Outer: Mrs. Jane Someone Inner: Mrs. Someone

Single Man:
Outer: Mr. John (Middle) Somebody Inner: Mr. Somebody

Man and woman living together:
Outer: Ms. Jane (middle) (last)
Mr. John (middle) (last)
Inner: Ms. Last
Mr. Last

***This is "traditionally" speaking

*courtesy titles can be abbreviated
Do not spell out a given name if the person never uses it
If only a middle initial is known it is best to drop it completely
Jr. is acceptable, if you are going to spell it out use a lower case "j" junior.


Tuesday, January 6

Pure Dymonds Events

VISIT: Pure Dymonds Events Blog
Get advice, tips, and more! I too, have had the pleasure of talking with Tricia and getting advice and tips. A TRUE PROFESSIONAL in many areas.

Custom Shoes

Need Shoes?


New York-For all Lifes Events Shop-Something Blue
Visit Something Blue

For 2009

2009 has started off a Happy New Year!
Elegant Touch Invitations/Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder is glad is now offering a GREAT service for the truly, have to have it, one of a kind BRIDE-2-BE.
Wedding Invitation or complete set hand done in beautiful calligraphy!

Need someone to help you design your own invitation...
Have it done!