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Friday, January 30

On a Budget?....You Can Still Have a Calligraphy Wedding

Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder

Wanting to have a "calligraphy wedding".....

If you are on a lower budget you can still be able to have a "calligraphy wedding" if you budget carefully. There are many different ways to add calligraphy to your wedding day without spending a fortune.

You may not be able to go ALL THE WAY with calligraphy but you can add calligraphy to different aspects of your wedding and reception that will absolutely stand out and impress.

Start looking for a calligrapher EARLY and make sure that you talk to them about your calligraphy needs, your dates, and try to have a realistic idea of what you are wanting to have done to make your wedding day stand out. Remember, there ARE a lot of B2B's with the SAME wedding date. You don't want to wait until the last minute to learn that your dates are not available.

Decide early, though this may be a struggle, what aspects of your wedding would you like to add calligraphy to accomplish your "calligraphy wedding."

Invitation Addressing?
Keepsakes for your Guests....
Wedding Programs?
Accessorize your reception with place cards, table signs, seating chart, menus, etc?

The things that you would like to accent with calligraphy may seem small but they will make a BIG statement and they WILL make excellent keepsakes for Guests. Not to mention adding that "elegant touch" to your wedding that will make your wedding unique and personal.

Shop around for a calligrapher so you can make sure you get exactly what you want to make your special day what you want it to be.

***Money saving tip: If you are good with a scanner and a printer you may consider having certain things handwritten and you can print these things in bulk.
***Get samples, Get Prices, make sure that if you have get answers.
***Also, remember that calligraphers' are HUMAN and make mistakes. And it is very normal for you to have changes and additions. Make sure that the calligrapher you are talking to has time for "YOU" ....

Your end result should be a beautiful "calligraphy wedding"

You Don't Get A Second Chance to Make A First Impression

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