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Friday, January 16

Ordering extra envelopes

When you order your invitations you usually are see the price for an additional 25 envelopes at the time of order. This price is usually considerably cheaper than if you wait and then have to re-order.

It is wise to order your extra envelopes at the same time you order your invitations.

Extra envelopes will be used for additions, changes, mistakes, and what you have left over can be used for correspondence and still have beautiful, tasteful envelopes and/or stationary. They won't be wasted and you will be glad in the end that you took the stationers advice and ordered the extra 25 envelopes.

***When addressing your envelopes you want to make sure that you leave 5/8" space from the bottom of envelope up to the bottom line of address. For post office use.

Thursday, January 15

Covering etiquette ; using a calligrapher

Elegant Touch Invitations
Calligraphy by Rachel Snyder

This particular entry is sort of a repeat with a twist; I want to let the B2B know that you can address your envelopes anyway that you choose, etiquette is courtesy, your invitations are to create a must attend status for YOUR GUESTS and your wedding invitation show guests what to expect, so give them something to remember, you want this to be on a personal level.

Things to remember when making your guest list to give to calligrapher

You DO NOT have to put and Family or children names on the outer envelope.
Just add the names of the people who are invited to the inner envelope.

Guests and Escorts:
Women usually bring an Escort
Men usually bring a Guest
so the inner envelope would read Miss Someone and Escort (or add the name of their guest)

***to put the actual word "and" is optional: for instance
with a married couple you would write Mr. and Mrs. Someone
on the inner envelope.

Married couple with different last names:
Ms. Jane Smith
Mr. John Somebody
Different lines are acceptable also to write the word "and" is optional.

On the inner envelope: The names can be on one line or two lines
**Just because the names are on 2 lines does not mean the couple isn't married

Woman is a Dr. and own surname:

Dr. (is acceptable) this is your choice
Dr. Jane Smith
Mr. John Smith ****again the word "and" is optional.

Married couple when male is a Doctor:

Dr.(Doctor) and Mrs. John Someone
Inside: Dr. and Mrs. Someone

Both couples are a DR.:

Dr. John Someone and Dr. Jane Someone
or The Doctors Someone
inside: The Doctors Someone

Married with hyphenated names:

Mr. and Mrs. John Someone-Somebody
inside: Mr. and Mrs. Someone-Somebody

***Divorced Woman:

OUTSIDE: Mrs. (or Ms.)
INSIDE: Mrs. (or Ms.)
What if Mrs. Someone is divorced and has a date
Do you want to put MRS. or MS. on the inner envelope along side her dates name?

Outer: Mrs. Jane Someone Inner: Mrs. Someone

Single Man:
Outer: Mr. John (Middle) Somebody Inner: Mr. Somebody

Man and woman living together:
Outer: Ms. Jane (middle) (last)
Mr. John (middle) (last)
Inner: Ms. Last
Mr. Last

***This is "traditionally" speaking

*courtesy titles can be abbreviated
Do not spell out a given name if the person never uses it
If only a middle initial is known it is best to drop it completely
Jr. is acceptable, if you are going to spell it out use a lower case "j" junior.