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Tuesday, July 14

....More Than Just Looking Nice; It Is An Art

Calligraphy is about more than just looking nice, it is an art. When it comes to Invitations thoughts vary: "the importance of an invitation" (
Some think that they are a very significant part of their wedding and understand the tradition of today and yester-year, some DON'T think about the invitation or the importance until there is a rush and they are down to the wire and nerves are rattled while some actually KNOW EVERYTHING but think because the invitation is "small".... but yet a VERY important part of your wedding, that there is nothing to it.

Can you imagine inviting 350-500 Guests without sending an(y) invitation??? Only a handful of Guests' are there only because they heard someone else say that there was going to be a wedding, Like back in the day when they announced it in the streets?

You wanted your wedding to be absolutely gorgeous with cream and white hues; silver and gold accents, roses, crystals, evening gowns, black tie, just everything you wanted and all of your friends and family were not there to share with you and your fiance' this wonderful day that you have been planning.

Your family and friends would be hurt you would be hurt. Your fiance' is hurt, his family and friends are hurt.

Calligraphy is an art that is more than just sitting down and quickly writing out words....each letter is it's own, a lot of concentration will go into the formation of each individual letter to make a unique, one of a kind, totally original work of art. From your Invitations, if your budget allows, throughout the entire Wedding and into the Reception.

Brides' that I have worked with on their wedding (hey, I hope all is well with you gals) they already knew what they wanted, how they wanted it and on top of that were an absolute blast to work with. The reaction is usually very similar....once she gets a look at the finished product she will call me and say they are beautiful! But AFTER the wedding I hear an excitement and appreciation (not for me but for the art) when I am told with an overjoyed voice about the how they felt because of how their guests' felt. A great feeling to be such a hit through something so beautiful and graceful, Calligraphy.

Calligraphy is an art form that speaks more than words but volumes about the Bride, about the Wedding, their Guests' and much more. An authenticity that can not be met from using a computer font. Oh yes they are pretty, neat, stylish....HOWEVER, computer fonts are NOT original like handwritten calligraphy with the imperfections that say everything you wanted your invitations to say and then some.

Calligraphy is a tasteful extra that is understood and appreciated by MOST Brides' (and mom's) who request it.

You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

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